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1. 返金及び交換ポリシーの概要


2. 返金と交換の申請条件

  • 期限: 返金を希望する場合、購入から3日以内に申請をおこなってください。
  • 交換期限:交換を希望する場合の期限は購入から10日以内に申請をおこなって下さい。
  • 商品状態: 商品は未使用および元の状態である必要があります。
  • 購入明細: 返品と返金を処理するために、当店にて購入した明細が必要です。

3. 返金または交換の手順

  1. 返金または交換を希望する場合、お問い合わせページからカスタマーサポートに連絡してください。購入日、購入物品名をご記入下さい。

  2. カスタマーサポートからの指示に従い、商品を返送してください。返送の送料はお客様の負担となります。

  3. 商品が当社に到着し、返金または交換の条件を満たしていることが確認された場合、返金または交換が手続きされます。返金は元の支払い方法で行われます。クレジット決済にて間に合わなかった場合はその限りでは有りません。

4. 返金不可の商品


5. 法的要求の順守


6. お問い合わせ



Page Title: Refund and Policy

Welcome to the Refund and Policy Page

We prioritize your satisfaction and offer a transparent and fair refund policy. Below, you’ll find detailed information and guidelines regarding our refund policy.

1. Overview of Our Refund Policy

Our refund policy applies when customers wish to request a refund or an exchange for our products or services if they are not satisfied. Below, we outline the conditions and procedures for requesting a refund.

2. Refund Request Conditions

  • Time Limit: To request a refund, please contact Customer Support within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Product Condition: The product must be in unused and its original condition.
  • Original Receipt: An original purchase receipt is required to process returns and refunds.

3. Refund Procedure

  1. If you wish to request a refund, please contact our Customer Support through our Contact Us page. Provide the necessary information and share details about your purchase.

  2. Follow the instructions provided by our Customer Support to return the product. Return shipping costs will be your responsibility.

  3. Once the product reaches us and meets the refund conditions, the refund process will be initiated. The refund will be processed through the original payment method.

4. Exceptions

Certain products or services may have exceptions to our refund policy. These exceptions are explicitly mentioned in the individual product pages or service descriptions. For specific details, please refer to the product or service description.

5. Compliance with Legal Requirements

Our refund policy is created in compliance with legal requirements relevant to our region and industry. We make efforts to adhere to legal requirements to protect your rights.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, feel free to reach out through our Contact Us page. Our Customer Support team is here to assist you.

Our refund policy is designed to be fair and transparent, ensuring that you can make purchases with confidence. We value your trust, and if you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.